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Becaria Institut de Torroella de Montgri, ACTIVITATS COMERCIALS

InmoCosta API

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About ourselves

Since 1989 we are present in the real estate sector.
We are part of the Official Association of Real Estate Agents.

We have highly qualified staff and in continuous training.

We can help you in English, French, German, Spanish and Catalan.

Our office is open all year round

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In such a large (and complex) market, as is the real estate, it is of paramount importance to know what is the one that has to be taken into account when hiring the services of a real estate agent. Although it is true that in recent years the lack of regularization of real estate brokerage activity has caused the deterioration of the image of the sector, which has also been recently in Catalonia, have established regulations that seek to promote transparency in the housing sector And guarantee the protection of consumers (Law 18/2007, of December 28, on the right to housing, Decree 12/2010, which regulates the requirements to exercise the activity of real estate agent and creates the Registration of approval Of real estate agents). Under this new regulation, since September 9, 2010, the Register of Real Estate Agents in Catalonia enters into force, which is obliged to register all real estate agents operating in Catalonia.


The API organization joins a big number of agencies through out Catalonia, wit more than 2.000 member approved by the Goverment