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The painting, the teva millor chose to renew your spais sense obres

Posted by on 30/08/2017

The painting, the teva millor chose to renew your spais sense obres

The painting is your millor aliat to renew the look of your house sense necessitat d’obres i amb a minimum investment. If you do not think you have a clear mole, it will be interesting to notice some of the colors that may have been failing, with the blanc, cream or ends i tot the gray. In this way, the different colors that will be added will give the house an elegant and refined air.


If your habitat is petit or light poplar, do not ho dubtis, you paint them parets de blanc. The white color is one of the millors’ bets for the interior, but also an excel·lent opció quan desitges to highlight certs materials. For example, if you compost a single laminat in whitish color. The blanc en les parets ho farà vibrate molt més, augmentant the calidesa in them estades. Blanc is an excel·lent to transmetre senzillesa i elegància, al mateix temps. It is no wonder, however, that in the Scandinavian decoration a must was followed. Also, to add notes of color in textiles with coixins, mantes, catifes or cortines, the blanc t’ajudarà enormement, ja that does not exenton amb cap color.

The white paint to bring llum als espais mes petits.


The painting of colors cream is, abans de res, natural. Let them remember such idyllic patterns with the dainty sorrow of the paradisiacal platens. We can say that, with white paint, we advise you to be more visual. Permet the total circulation of the llum de l’exterior. However, it is not a coincidence that the room is converted into a magical stay. The artificial llum s’expandirà per la mateixa donant com resultat an ambient amb tints daurats.

The cream paint permet the artificial llum s’expandeixi.
Photo: Pinterest


A priori, it might seem that gray is a fred color. Gens lluny of realitat. They are giving a tonalitat that will contribute to the balance of sophistication, yet it is capable of respecting the natural history of the states, always in the seve notes of the clares. If you choose to paint the parets de grisa clar, you can introduce color sense problem in any textile element, posant special attention to the stamps of colors vius. A further interesting combination is that of gray and other natural fibers, such as the wool or the wool, and the wool in general.

The painting grisa will contribute to balance and sophistication.


Do not fool us, black is a more difficult color to use in interior decorations. No per això ceases to be interesting; If they let a costat les connotacions negatives that is tenen on it. Ens adonarem of l’elegància i personalitat that transmet in cualsevol ambient. If the house competes with these estates, they will be able to paint the houses of negre. Notwithstanding, if your son, his wife, or his wife is petits, you may opt for a combination of negre i blanc. A further development is that the color black is ideal for a minimalist environment. Like the gray or the white, the black combines sense problems amb any color and color.

The black paint brings elegance and personalitat to the ambient.

Colors soft painting

The soft colors will arrive at the same time as any semblance that does not fly. Aquests colors is caracteritzen per les seves notes pastís. Així, principally, s’usen rosa, blau i verd, donant com resultat habitacions relaxants i serenes. They are ideal for those people who pateixen d’estrès, or almenys, això points the psychology of color.

If you are going to be a mica més prop dels colors d’aquesta this season, pots aprofitar the Mint. Encara that you are not so intense with the Greenery (color Pantone 2017), ens bed to aquest mon green that sembla enamorar tots durant aquests last mesos.

Escull painting the color of fashion this season, a to soft.

Looked after

Recall that abans premiere the painting is essential to fold the furniture or plastic plastics or to fill a double layer of fillers vells. It leaves lliures les parets de cargols, buckets and prestatgeries. We recommend that the painter submit a petite proof of color to begin by confirming that the triat is suitable for the stay. The preu mitjà dels treballs presupostats pels professionals registrats in Habitissimo to paint a room of 20m² is 480 euros. The temps mitjà of the realització of the treball is of two dies.

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