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Energetic Efficiency Certificate

Posted by on 12/04/2017

Energetic Efficiency Certificate

On the 5th of April of 2013 the Central Government published the “State Plan for Development of Rental Housing, Rehabilitation, Regeneration and Urban Renewal (2013-2016)” which it was published the day 13 of april of 2013 at the BOE by the Royal Decree 235/2013 by which approves the basic procedure for the certification of energetic efficiency of the buildings.

From the 1st of june of 2013 will be obligatory to have the energetic certificate for buildings or homes which are sold or rented and for public buildings from more than 500m2.

The energetic efficiency certificate should be valid for a maximum of 10 years. After this term, will be necessary to renew it. Also, the certificate could be renew voluntarily if there are variations in some aspects affecting the energetic efficiency and therefore they can modify their energetic rating and certificate.

The qualification and the energetic certification of a building

– The energetic certificated is a document that verifies the conformity of energetic qualification obtained and It is leading to the issuance of the label of energetic efficiency of the building.

– The energetic label is the distinctive that marks the level of energetic efficiency qualification obtained for the building or parts of the building.

Buildings required to have a certificate of energetic efficiency

– The new construction buildings.

– The buildings or parts of the buildings existing that are sold or rented to a new tenant. ( It is understood for a building part the unity, floor, living place or apartment in a building or locals designed for separate use or different legal ownership, designed or modifided for its independent use).

– The buildings or parts of buildings existing in which a public entity occupies a total useful surface over 250m2 and which they are usually frequented by the public.

When the obligation to have the energy efficiency certificate applies?


 New Construction: 1st of novembre of 2007

Large Rehabilitations: 1st of novembre of 2007

 Sales and rentings: 1st of june of 2013(*)

 Public buildings >500 m2: 1st of june of 2013(*)

Public buildins between 500 to 250m2: 9th of july of 2015 (*)

Rented public buildings >250m2: 31st of december of 2015 (*)

(*) The dates and terms of aplication could vary in function of the publication of Royal Decree.

The energy efficiency label is mandatory in a prominent and visible place in the building.

The Catalan Government is also working in processing the Catalan Decree which will regulate the procedure for certification of energy efficiency of buildings in Catalonia.

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