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Posted by on 27/01/2018

One of the biggest sources of germs is in your living room and it is played by your whole family.

Actually yes, the control of television is probably an important germ center, since it is very likely that this electronic device comes into contact with different hands at least once a day. But in addition, the remote control falls to the floor, bounces around the sofa and accumulates dust behind your TV.

To all this is added the fact that, if you have the habit of eating in front of the TV, you are playing the remote with dirty and sticky hands, increasing even more the germicidal factor. But not only that, probably the remote control has been sneezed, touched with semi-clean hands, trodden and dirtied in a thousand different ways.

Another factor that contributes to the accumulation of germs, is the fact that this device gets dirty with almost anything and is not always cleaned. When was the last time you cleaned the TV remote?

If you have cleaned it recently, it is likely that you have noticed that the dirt has not come off easily. We often resort to ear swabs to remove accumulations that are generated between key and key, but still not an easy task.

The remote control is such an everyday object that we do not fall into what can be one of the sources with more germs: they are full of small nooks of dirt around the buttons, which makes cleaning them, in addition, is a challenge.

How to clean the remote control

Without noticing, with the passing of months, the remote control will have accumulated such dirt that can even interfere with the proper functioning of this small piece of technology: the buttons get stuck, sticky touch, infrared that works with difficulty, etc.

To keep the remote control of your TV clean and disinfected on the outside, it is sufficient to cover it with a cloth moistened with warm water once a week or, if you wish, with a disinfectant product without bleach. If the control is stained with grease or food, you can clean the case with a cloth moistened in water with a little ammonia.


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