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Trends and design in decoration by 2018

Posted by on 29/01/2018

In general, the house is perceived today, more than ever, as a refuge in front of a stressful and unstable outer. Softness in materials, with velvet at the head, the search for natural finishes and spaces where you feel well are some of the keys for 2018.

Interior of modern kitchen. 3d render. Photo behind the window was made by me.


It is what is known as the Joy of Missing Out, a step beyond the Hygge that triumphed in 2017. Therefore, in general the shapes become curved and more envolvente, the dimensions of key pieces, such as sofas , they grow up: all in honor of making the home a space from which to escape from noise and stress. These are the trends and design in decoration for 2018, according to

The first outstanding trend, according to, is the interest towards very aseptic spaces, with simple and straight lines, where the warm spot is made by natural materials such as wood. The white and the gray are the two colors that are used to shape neutral spaces and, in many cases, are accompanied by the latest developments in home automation.

In any case, there is a certain interest in making the bathroom a place with character, on horseback between the natural and the romantic. The paper painted with large vegetable motifs, large monster leaves, bananas, or more complex motifs is one of the most obvious trends. In addition, the golden finish reaches accessories such as mirrors or grips.

The ‘Total White’ was completed. More and more we see options such as high-gloss cabinets and low-key furniture, for example: a combination that visually enlarge the kitchens. In addition, new colors are introduced, such as the navy blue. Black and gray are trend. Also, the use of materials that add to the kitchen a look, see imitations of cement, also of oxidized steel, natural stones.

As for space, simplicity prevails. The storage space is reduced to the minimum necessary. In this sense, the empty kitchens, without frontal furniture, win adept. The space is freed on the water zone and preparation in order to achieve better visual integration in the area of ​​the day. Vinyl carpets also conquer the kitchen.

trends 2018

Vintage classic elegant living room with grey velvet sofa, side tables and a vase with pink flowers

Living room

Bye, bye ‘vintage’. The excess was over, the mix. The trend is towards a slightly exaggerated Mid Century style, where neutral colors prevail, soft-lined paperwork and suggestive shapes on sofas. The metallic finishes, especially in luminaires, make a slightly strident note of accent.

Of course, open spaces are still a tendency, but now they seek to separate without visually interrupting. The fixed glass cloths and sliding doors of the same material keep the concept of open space, but at the same time free spaces.

The lights are becoming increasingly important. They are a fundamental element to provide a singular and sculptural interior point. A good light is able to describe a space by itself. In this sense, it is clear that the roof demands an important place in the decoration. If floors and walls are enriched with textures and colors, the ceiling also looks like painted papers, with colors or plaster moldings to create an impact.

In decoration, the importance resides in the tones, not in pure colors. There are several colors that will dominate the interiors in 2018:

Millennium rose It is a soft and warm tone that combines, for example, with the yellow pineapple, which is going to carry on accessories and accessories.
Yellow pineapple, especially in accessories and accessories.
Green petroleum trend in kitchen furniture.
Dark blue in kitchens, bathrooms and walls to look for depth. It’s the 2018 color.
Attention! The monochromatic spaces will also be trendy: each place in the house is painted in a single tone.

pink tendencies

Decorative and finished items
Classic colors busts. Add a piece that originally is so serious and classical, but in colors that break everything becomes a decoration in the perfect surprise element.
Natural fiber baskets
Picture frames
Animals and plants conquer design
Textures on walls. Boring of the usual countertops? Whenever the brands think more in 3 dimensions and in addition to colors, they add volume to the proposals of countertops.


Furniture from the mid-century. Take the Nordic style head and welcome the Italian and French style pieces, much more elegant, with curves, embroidered pieces, upholstered with velvet or finished in bright lacquers with bold colors. The most cozy luxury!
The sofa charges in 2018 very prominent. It grows in size and depth with the intention of creating pleasant and quiet meeting areas. In addition, they send the simple lines.

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